Steel Trunk size A, B, C
February 10, 2022


  • Masala box ss (box container of 500gm capcity) Dia=205mm,H=64.5mm
  • Double wall mug ss (capacity639ml) Dia=100mm, H=105mm
  • Thali ss Dia355, Outer dia=355mm, H= 37mm
  • Spoon serving 280mm long, Bowl dia, 65mm
  • Tumbler 600ML Top dia=90mm,H=135mm
  • Tumbler ss 300 ml, Top dia=300ml, Top dia 70mm, H=105mm
  • UC 50&150 Men Set Chamcha ss 450mm, Bowl dia=92.6mm
  • UC 50&150 Men Set Chamcha ss 425mm, Bowl dia=92.6mm
  • Compartment Tray 375mm, H=30mm
  • Container 1 L ss With Lid dia=108mm, H=125mm
  • Container 5L ss With Lid dia=190mm,H=195mm
  • UC 50&150 Men Set ss Jug 2 L Top dia=137mm, H=185mm
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